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              Liability -- do the responsible person
              Clear their responsibility and set an example by personally taking part, not to shirk, not escape. Responsible to superior ( execution ). Subordinates responsible (management ). The task is responsible for.
              On what you have said.
              Responsible for their own behavior. The courage to admit mistakes, the courage to take responsibility, and correct in time
              The courage to correct other company employees irresponsible behavior
              The overall situation, no thought to personal gains and losses.
              Cooperation -- the team cooperation, common development
              Actively integrate into the team, be willing to accept help from colleagues, team work to finish the job.
              Prior to making the positive published constructive opinion, full participation in the group discussion; decision, regardless of whether the individual has the objection, must from his full support.
              Proactively share knowledge and experience with colleagues; offer necessary help; make good use of the strength of the team to solve problems and difficulties.
              Good and different kinds of colleagues, not personal preferences to work, fully embodies the " to do " principle.
              A sense of ownership, positively influence team, improve the spirit and atmosphere of the team.
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