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              Machinery and equipment: shares, institutions gathered
                    The recent Hongkong market of mainland enterprises, especially machinery stocks rose sharply, wherein, northeast electric the above-mentioned period rose 60.66% over the same period, Kunming machine tool also rose 29.22%, at the same time, machinery and equipment industry is the three quarter of this year QFII holds more industry.
                    QFII three new quarter of 5 mechanical equipment unit of the flow of the top ten shareholders, respectively, shares (4409700 shares ), Jinlong Electrical ( 2731700 shares ), and Technology (2368800 shares ), Mi Hiroyasu ( 764300 ) and the Gang Gang Road Machine ( 479200 shares ), the stock is mostly machinery and equipment of professional equipment unit.
                    Typically, at the end of the three quarter share, the top ten shareholders of circulation, 6 Fund, 1 insurance, 1 asset management, 1 QFII together hold 62790000 shares. From the market performance, since October, the 5 mechanical equipment shares are down. Huatai Securities believes, inflation data downlink may stimulate the market to further relax the expected, and the infrastructure Related Companies benefit, but the main focus is still greater impact on policy of railway construction industry.
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